Our Mantra: No More Spreadsheets.

When you’re on the go between meetings, events, committee, and session, why should you need to go to the office to update your Excel spreadsheets and email your clients their weekly report?

With Capitol Zen, you can leave your spreadsheets behind for good.

Capitol Zen is a legislative tracking tool ready to help government relations professionals effortlessly manage their clients and legislative portfolios on the go. Capitol Zen offers everything you’d expect from a bill tracking tool, including an easy-to-use dashboard with bill tracking and advanced notification options, access to posted committee meetings ready for merging with your personal calendars, and archived, detailed committee records (with bills).

Comprehensive Features.  Any Device.

Capitol Zen is designed to help users keep clients up to speed, share information with colleagues, and stay informed– anywhere.  Powerful filtering options enable users to generate custom reports and download to any device with one click.  Our tool supports collaboration by allowing users to share comments, notes, and more with one another and even makes it possible for you to upload and manage relevant files per bill and/or per client.  Users are able to manage multiple bills and clients simultaneously and can do it all on the go, because Capitol Zen works on any device.  

Let us simplify your daily work and allow you to focus on the all-important goal of delivering for your clients.  


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