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Take Actions, Add to your Schedule, and Update Clients; Everywhere you are.

Stay Informed

Skim and take action on bill introductions, updates and committee notices.  View session and committee calendars.  Quickly add committee hearings to your own schedule.  Customize meaningful alerts that cut through the clutter

Save Time

Powerful filtering options provide you and your clients custom, easy-to-generate reports.  Quickly customizable reports downloadable to any device with one click.  Review your daily dashboard at a glance

Maximize Information

Replace your spreadsheet with a secure, collaborative tool anyone on your team can access.  Upload and manage amendments, drafts, position papers, and notes.  Easily share intel across your organization, right from your phone or tablet.

Keep Organized

Manage your list of clients, assign responsible staff, and save each one’s bills in one place.  View and save bills for your clients. Upload attachments, indicate support or opposition, and add notes.  View currently posted committee meetings and add a relevant meeting to your personal calendar with a click.

Be Mobile

Use our tool anywhere with any device that has an internet connection.  Review the latest bills while waiting for meetings, elevators, and legislators.  Our system updates while you sleep, eliminating your busywork.

Always Convenient

Designed for on the go, multitasking professionals.  Accessible from your desktop, tablet, or phone.  Chat live with a real human if you have any questions.


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